Affidavit of

Affidavit of Identity

An Affidavit of Identity is may be requested by a court, bank, business, or other entity. It is a legal document that can be used to provide proof of identity for an affiant. An Affidavit of Identity is useful to show evidence of your identity and/or signature. Our Document Preparation Specialists can easily prepare this document for you. To do so, we will collect private information from you. All of our Document Preparation Specialists have been background checked and trained to handle sensitive information. The fee for preparing and notarizing an Affidavit of Identity is $85. When visiting our office to have an Affidavit of Identity prepare, we will need the following information;

  • Full legal name

  • Date of birth

  • Home address

  • Social security number 

To efficiently prepare your document, it is helpful to have the following items;

  • Photo identification

  • Birth certificate

  • Social security card

Affidavit of Identity Las Vegas

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