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Document Retrieval

Notary Translation Services

As part of our apostille service, Notary Professionals of Nevada can obtain original certified copies of most public documents. This eliminates the need for you to obtain the document prior to visiting our office. This provides some added convenience for clients who are located out of state or outside of the U.S. 


Marriage records and most court documents are publicly recorded in Nevada. We can obtain the original certified copy required for an apostille order. All documents submitted for an apostille certificate must be the original document. Copies are not accepted. While we are based in Las Vegas, NV, we can obtain Nevada marriage certificates and court documents from other counties in Nevada. When retrieving documents from other counties, delivery time of these documents will vary. General pricing information for these services are listed below. 

Nevada Marriage Certificate Retrieval:

  • $40 for each Nevada marriage certificate retrieved (County fees included)

Nevada Court Documents:

  • $25 plus fees payable to the Court for certification or exemplification

  • Court fees: $3.00 for certification plus 50 cents per page


Nevada Business Entity Filings:

  • $25 plus fees payable to the Nevada Secretary of State's office

  • Secretary of State fees vary, contact a team member for information

Certification of document for use with apostille service
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