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Notary Service

Expert Notary Services

 At Notary Professionals of Nevada, we aim to make the task of document notarization as easy as possible. If you are in need of notarization services, our office provides a convenient and professional solution. All document notarization is completed in person at our office. Our services are provided on a walk-in basis. Appointments are not necessary. We are able to notarize all document types and handle signings of any size, and we take pride in providing individualized attention to each of our clients.


We understand the importance of document notarization, and we are dedicated to providing a smooth and hassle-free experience. Visit our office today for all of your notarization needs. Visit our Pricing page for notarization fees. 

Our Downtown Las Vegas office is located in the Central Business District surrounded by the three courthouses in Downtown Las Vegas. Our Downtown office is also within one mile of the Clark County Government Center and only four miles from the Clark County Family Court. First level parking is available. The parking garage can be accessed from both 3rd Street and 4th Street.

Our Downtown Las Vegas office is located at 4th St. and Lewis Ave., inside the City Centre Place building. We are one block east of the Regional Justice Center and Clark County Marriage License Bureau. 

In-Office Expert Notary Services
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