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Loan Document

Professional Loan Signing Services

We are experienced with and complete loan signings regularly. Both in our office and in our signer's homes through our mobile notary service. Often times there are a large number of signatures in a loan signing that are not notarized. Our professional notary staff will guide you through your loan packet. As part of a loan signing, we will notarize the applicable signatures. While there are some common loan document types we see more than others, our notary staff is trained to handle all loan documents. Below are some examples of loan document types we commonly see. This is not a complete list. 

  • Purchase

  • Refinance


  • Seller Package

  • Reverse Mortgage

Due to the time and care involved with loan signings, there is a $30 service fee added to the signature fees. For more pricing information, click here to go to our Pricing page. 

Loan Document Signing Las Vegas
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