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Service Pricing


At Notary Professionals of Nevada, we offer fair and straightforward pricing with no hidden charges or fees. We call this our "1-2-Or More" pricing*. This pricing structure is great for signings with multiple documents or multiple signers, such as loan closing packets. See the list below for our signature fees. The more you sign, the more you save! For a list of common documents we notarize, click here

* "1-2-Or More Pricing applies ONLY to In-Person and Mobile Notary Service. Remote Online Notary Service Excluded from this pricing structure"

In Office Notarization:

Fees are determined by the number of signatures being notarized during the same visit.  

  • $15 for one notarized signature

  • $22 for 2 notarized signatures 

  • $6.00 for any additional signatures after the first 2

  • $7.00 for copy certification, per copy

Loan Signings:

Loan signings can be performed in our office or via mobile notary service. Appointments are not required for walk-in service. Signature fees are listed below. Loan signings are more complex notary jobs that require additional time to complete. As such, a $30 loan signing fee will be added to the signature fees when loan documents are notarized. Call us to learn more. 

  • $15 for one notarized signature

  • $22 for 2 notarized signatures 

  • $6.00 for any additional signatures after the first 2

Remote Online Notarizations:

Signature fees for remote online notarizations are listed below. Technology fees are additional. Information listed below. 

  • $25 for the first signature notarized.

  • $10 for each additional signature notarized. 

  • Technology fees apply. 

Technology fees apply to all remote online notary sessions. Technology fees are in addition to signature fees. Technology fees are listed below.

  • $5 for a signer located within the United States

  • $25 for a signer located outside of the United State

**If a Remote Online Notary signing cannot be performed due to cancellation after the session begins, error or failure of authentication of identity by the signer, a fee of $10 per signer will be assessed**

Form I-9 Completion:

  • $20 for completing Form I-9

  • This service is typically completed in our office. We can act as your employer's authorized representative, and examine your identifying documents being used to complete Form I-9.

Passport Photos:

  • $15 per person

  • 2 identical photos that meet image guidelines by the U.S. Department of State

  • Walk-in service available. Photos are prepared while you wait.​

Service fees and service availability may change without notice. In the event of a pricing discrepancy, you will be notified by email and/or phone, and given the opportunity to accept the corrected price or cancel your service. 

We are NOT attorneys in the state of Nevada. We are not licensed to give legal advice. We may not accept fees for giving legal advice.

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